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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning Naturally - Make your own products

Spring Clean Naturally

When was the last time you looked at the back of your cleaning supplies labels? You will be surprised  at what you find.

I honestly hadn't thought about it much but my kids school focuses on the environment and teaches them to use cleaner materials in our home. They came home asking why we don't use our oils for our cleaning supplies? Uhhhhhh, what do you say to that?  They are right. So we are making our own and moving forward.

Here are a few ideas for you to use for cleaning supplies in your home for your Spring cleaning. It is simple and easy. When using a sprayer you will want to use a class sprayer or a PET plastic spray bottle

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kid Approved Chicken Fingers - Gluten Free

Kid Approved Chicken Fingers 
Gluten Free

Since making the choice to go Gluten Free I have been so surprised how easy it has been to eat better and gone are the days of boring Gluten Free foods. There is so much available now in the grocery stores, whole food stores and Amazon. 

Because I am eating better my kids are getting the benefit of it as well. If I eat fast food they will too, bit eating Gluten Free has not been hard for then because most the time they don't even know they are eating it. 

I found these crackers that I talked about in my Diabetes post. They have been a life saver and they have many different flavors to chose from. My grocery store only has the Almond, Pecan and Cheddar. I LOVE THEM! So much you can use them food. Amazon has other flavors available as well  if you don't have them in your area. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Diabetes - My Life Changing Experience

Diabetes - My Life Changing Experience

I have thought a lot about what I was going to share in this post. It is difficult to put a life changing experience into words because it is so important for me that it comes across where it can help others that might be experiencing the same thing. I really hope that you will listen closely to what I am saying and make any personal changes that you feel you need to. I wish I had sooner than later. 

 I LOVE FOOD and always have. I just love to eat. I have always sworn that I have a bigger stomach than the average person and that is what makes me so hungry all the time. :)  

Butter and Salty things are my weakness, fast food, chips and dips, etc. I love to eat out and the portions are huge now at most restaurants. I love pizza, hamburgers, etc. 

I have eaten poorly for a very long time and it caught up with me several years ago and I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I did have Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant which make me a higher risk. I really wish at that time I took it seriously, made some drastic changes which is why I am writing this post so if any of you are in the same situation you will sit up and listen. 

I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and taking medications for both. The combination of Diabetes, HBP, High Cholesterol and being overweight is a deadly combination. I was put on medication for ALL of the above. The medication seemed to control everything for a while. I stopped testing my blood sugar and was eating bad again. My numbers were out of control and medication wasn't helping. I was so busy with life and having a 4th, 5th and 6th grader that I never put myself first. There just wasn't time (so I thought). Stupid.

About a month ago I started to really feel bad. My blood sugar numbers had been out of control for a while and I was waking up with anxiety attacks at night, exhausted all day, my brain was in a constant fog and just felt really awful. I started to get these terrible pains in my feet. It is hard to explain. It was an unbearable burning and numbing at the same time. In the back of my mind I knew what this was but didn't want to face it. Neuropathy in the feet which is another complication of Diabetes and one not to take lightly.  

During this time I took my friends dog for a walk and was holding onto the rope when he bolted to the street and when I tugged it back it gave me a terrible rope burn. Hurt like heck but didn't think much about it. After about a week it opened up into a sore and started to get bigger and bigger and was really painful and would not heal. My blood sugars were still out of control and my husband MADE me go to the doctor. I reluctantly made the appointment but so glad that I did.

This appointment with the doctor was where I had my life changing moment. My doctor explained to me that I had Neuropathy and that this sore that wouldn't heal was because of the Diabetes and this how it starts where people end up losing their limbs.  He has to cut the skin down to the blood supply to try to get it to start healing. My blood pressure was 170/97 and the medication wasn't working anymore. He told me it was time to make some serious changes and then gave me more medication. Ugh.

I decided then and there that my eating habits had to change. Drastically. This time I didn't feel like I was forced to do it and was resentful that I had too, instead I WANTED to and couldn't wait to get started. 

For me I decided at that point to go as much Gluten and Grain free to the best of my knowledge with what I am learning. I have so much to learn.  I am a HUGE Diet Coke drinker and gave that up as well. I won't lie to you the first week was HELL. My body rebelled against me, I was so sick from the extra medication they were giving me and then the major change on my body. I was throwing up and had the worst headache for a week. I didn't know how much longer I could deal with this and knew I never wanted to go through it again. 

I had been taken Victoza in a shot every night. The doctor doubled the dosage and for the next several weeks I had SEVERE anxiety attacks that would wake me up in the middle of the night. I couldn't understand why this was happening. It then dawned on me that the medication was had to be causing them. I got online in the middle of the night and started to research and sure enough people were having the same problem. It was the medication that was causing them. I haven't taken another shot since and haven't had one anxiety attack since then. I couldn't believe how sick that medication was making me feel. 

The only thing that got me through those anxiety attacks were Jeddy's Blend and jogging in place to help speed up my heart. I highly recommend having Jeddy's Blend if you suffer from Anxiety. 

I have started to lose weight, my face has gotten thinner and my stomach has started to go down. I had so much bloating before. It is working and I felt great. 

Two weeks after I started eating better my wound in my hand started to heal and is almost completely closed up. I haven't had any more Neuropathy pain in my feet. My body was giving me a big wake up call and I am grateful for the rope burn I got or I wouldn't have had that sore not heal and really taken this seriously. I am working hard and it is paying off. 

I am now 100% committed to healing with food as I have seen first hand that you really can heal this way. My blood sugar is stable and my blood pressure is down.  I have embraced this new way of eating and feel 1000 times better than I have in years! It is truly amazing how good you can feel when you give your body what it needs. 

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. I started reading about grains and looking up Gluten Free recipes. There is so much great information out there on the internet and lots of good recipes on Pinterest. 

There are so many great foods out there! When shopping at the grocery store stay on the outside perimeter and away from all the processed foods in the isles. My kids have made some changes with me and my daughter who has gained some extra weight has already lost some of it as well. I am not tired in the day anymore where I feel like I always need a nap. I have lots of energy. If you can go Organic do it. 

I am not calling this a diet because that isn't my goal. My goal is to be healthy and heal from the inside out. By doing this the weight will slowly start to come off as a benefit. 

I believe that it is so important to have goals and ones that are attainable. Post them where you can see them everyday. Make a vision board of the things you want to do when you are healthy that you haven't done before. 

Healthier Foods

Something that has really helped me is to have lots of food in the fridge ready to eat when I get hungry. I have a bunch of BPA free Tupperware that I keep cut up vegetables in, ranch, salad toppings and hard boiled eggs. 

I do have a little dairy with cheese but I don't drink Milk and never really have much. I drink Almond Milk now. Try it in a smoothie with some fruit and raw honey. My kids love it. 

Tuna with a little Mayo (there are some great homemade recipes) with pickles and green onions with a little cheese are my FAVORITE!

I cook a bunch of hard boiled eggs and have them ready when I need a snack. 

These Nut Thin Crackers are AWESOME! They are wheat and gluten free. 


I love salads and having everything all ready in Tupperware to put together makes it so easy. 

My favorite breakfast with scrambled eggs, spinach, salsa and little cheese and avocado on the side. 

My motivation is that I want to be around for my kids, I want to be able to do activities with them, sports and hiking.  I want be healthy and teach them to want to be healthy as well. If I am eating fast food my kids will be too. 

They need me and I need them. All I could think about was all the wonderful years ahead and watching them thrive and grow and not being here to see it.  They are 9, 10 and 12 and I am determined to be around a long time. It crushes my heart to even think about not being here to see but that is a reality without this life change. 

My head is clear for the first time in a very long time. If you have followed my blog you will see that I haven't been blogging much for a while. I just couldn't think clearly and long enough to get one done. The fact that I have written this post is amazing and I am excited about many more to come with lots of healthier recipes for you and your family.  I am now offering healthier choices for my kids and sending better lunches with leftovers. It is worth it. I promise. 

There is so much more I want to share on Diabetes which I will do in another post. In this post I am simply sharing my story and what is working for me.  I recommend that you speak with your doctor if you have any health concerns. Anyone can start eating better at any time so you don't have to wait, you can start right now!

I hope if any of you are in the same situation as I was or just want to have a healthier lifestyle, that will do this with me and start a new way of living. If I can do it ANYONE can do it. You are worth it. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Snapshots March 1st 2015

Sunday Snapshot March 1st, 2015

Welcome to Riches to Rags by Dori Sunday Snapshots. Sunday is my favorite day to get outside, relax and take some pictures. I hope you enjoy these farm photos.  

We had a couple of inches of snow last night but it quickly melted. We had had unseasonably warm temperatures and now winter has decided to show up again. We could use the moisture. 

Stick around for more Sunday snapshots. 

Peanut the cat on his usual jungle gym. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

NEW Jeddy's Blend Salve

NEW Jeddy's Blend Salve Bundle

 It is hard to believe that 2014 has come and gone. Jeddy's Blend has reached so many people this past year and in many different countries. It makes me so happy that adults and children all over the world are learning about this natural alternative and that the results have been so successful. I am excited to start out 2015 with this new Salve.

Read more about Jeddy's story and Jeddy's Blend HERE

What started out as a natural alternative for ADHD has turned into something much more. Jeddy's Blend has received testimonials for adults and children for Anxiety, Sleep, Stress, TMJ, neck pain, muscle relaxer and PTSD to name a few. Growing our Jeddy's Blend family into a
easier application salve with additional benefits just makes sense.  

To read Jeddy's Blend Testimonials click HERE

We are very excited to make this next Jeddy's Blend product available with organic ingredients and Spark Naturals pure essential oils. 

Jeddy's Blend Salve has an organic, hand processed coconut oil with lots of benefits and nutrients by itself.  Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer as well as antibacterial.  It also has olive oils which has anti-oxidants, including hydroxytyrosol and, anti-inflammatory properties along with beeswax and Vitamin E oil.  The benefits of these ingredients mixed with Jeddy's Blend essential oils makes a very special combination. It is safe and diluted to apply on young children's feet. 

Jeddy's Blend Salve Ingredients

  • Gold Label coconut oil from Tropical Traditions, it’s unrefined, virgin coconut oil. The best around!
  • Organic virgin olive oil
  • Organic beeswax
  • Gmo free, Kosher Certified Vitamin E oil
  • Jeddy's Blend Essential Oil
One of the recommendations for applying Jeddy's Blend is topically by rolling it on the bottom of the feet because of large pores which helps absorb it better.  Now with Jeddy's Blend Salve you can spread the blend evenly, massage it into your feet, it will help soften your feet and help with anxiety and stress. 

Apply Jeddy's Blend Salve generously to the bottoms of your feet and under toes before putting on socks.  Perfect for kids to use easily before school, massage on the back of the neck if you have neck pain or stiffness, apply down the jaw line for TMJ to help relax the muscles. Apply at night on feet for better relaxation and sleep. 

Jeddy's Blend Salve is available for purchase in a TWO PACK of 2 ounce jars with TWO complimentary empty glass pocket pals for you to fill and keep in your purse, desk at work or backpack. Limited Supply.

Please send any questions to

Purchase price $47.95 includes two complimentary pocket pals and free USA shipping.

Jeddy's Blend Salve Bundle